We offer a wide range of well maintained and quickly transportable electrical testing equipment from Omicron, Doble, Fluke, Megger, and Scope with valid calibration certificate.

Our on-time delivery of equipment ensured to meet the testing requirements that are scheduled at project sites. Our equipment rental division focussed from feasibility to successfulness of client requirement in terms of equipment make, available accessories, application software and method of statements cohesively. We provide qualified testing engineer under the request of client with rented equipment. Our testing engineer conducts testing activities with detailed report of analysis through safe and proper operation of the equipment.

We offer transportation for delivery & collection of equipment to all over UAE. For overnight and immediate requirements can be fulfilled with the support of client’s logistics arrangement.

Primary Injection testing equipment

Purpose of this test for field-testing and calibration of solid-state trip units can be performed by either primary current injection method or secondary current injection method.  The current injection testing is with high current and high voltage power distribution systems in substations or on large industrial installations. Normally injecting a predetermined current to the current Transformer, we can determine if the relay will trip at this current and how long the current needs to flow before the trip is initiated. So predominantly this Primary current injection testing is a solid aid to fault-finding. 

We perform the above testing with the below mentioned globally recognized kits to get an accurate result:

Relay Testing Test kit

Relay Testing kits are used to test the discrete devices that are used to allow a low power logic signal to control a much higher power circuit. The relay on the equipment isolates the high power circuit helping to protect the lower power circuit by triggering a small electromagnetic coil for the logic circuit to control and protect the equipment from damage.

We perform the above testing with the below mentioned globally recognized kits to get an accurate result:

Transformer Testing Equipment

On current scenario Transformers plays a vital role in the power system environments. They help convert power to desired levels which other components can safely use without any damages. They are always under operation and only stop working during power interruptions, maintenance and failures. Due to the regular heavy load they take, it is very vital to perform regular maintenance and verify their functions to ensure continuous service.

We perform the above testing with the below mentioned globally recognized kits to get an accurate result:

High Voltage Test equipment

High voltage system has become the most essential requirement for power transmission now a days. The equipment’s used in these high voltage transmission system, should be capable of withstanding this high voltage load. But in addition to that normal high voltage withstanding capability, high voltage equipment must also be capable of withstanding different over voltages during its operational life span. These different over voltages may occur during various abnormal conditions. To ensure the potential of withstanding these abnormal over surges, the equipment must go through different high voltage testing procedures periodically.

Below are the devices we use to verify the stability

AC/DC High Voltage Test kit – 30 kV / 70 kV


VLF test kit – b2 / HVA 60


DC Hipot – 25 kV – Phenix

Thermal Imaging Camera – Fluke

Thermal Imaging has become well established tool for diagnostic and preventive maintenance in manufacturing and process industries worldwide. The technology enables the appropriate maintenance procedures to be carried out before complete breakdown occurs and consequently reduces equipment downtime. To keep plants operational always many industries have combined their predictive maintenance programs with the most valuable diagnostic tools for industrial applications on the market.

Fluke Ti25 Thermal Imager Thermographic Camera

Power Quality Analyzer – Fluke / 435

A power quality anayzer is commonly used to measure electric power signals to determine the load’s ability to properly function with electric power.  Without the right electric power, electrical equipment may fail prematurely or malfunction.

Fluke power quality analyzers and power meters detect mystery disturbances: those upsets to a process or sensitive equipment operation that don’t seem to correspond to any identifiable source of power disturbance. Such things as ground loops, high speed transients, lightning, and common mode electrical noise come to mind. Many of these events are here and gone in such a short time frame that they are not easily identified, except with a power disturbance analyzer using highspeed wave shape or event capture.

Power Quality Analyzer