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M/s. Snipe Engineers Private Limited., has been established in the year 2012 by experienced professionals having productive exposure in both Instrumentation and Electrical services.

M/s. Snipe Engineers Private Limited., have expertise strength in both Instrumentation and Electrical Systems. We assure with the capability of lending our clients the best and satisfactory services.

Our Team is supported by veterans from the respective field with good understanding on clients’ Technical and HSE requirements.

Our Services

Electrical Services

Testing & Commissioning of all Electrical equipment ranging from 415V to 765 kV. Instrumentation Service. Detailed Engineering, Erection & commissioning of Instrumentation system.

Instrumentation Services

Control System Services, Instrumentation Consulting, Instrumentation Design Preparation

Corporate Social Responsibility

Educational Trust

Date: May 25, 2019

Educational Trust

As a policy we engage ourself in motivating and enhancing education facility to the community by identifying the needed people. Measurable benefits is provided for the eduction by our Snipe Employees and from the management.

Students on their primary schooling levels and after schooling are identified and were assisted with the funds to get their dreams come true. We are also in the phase of conducting workshops for the needed ones on the rural areas to provide employement on their needed sectors.

Engage in charitable giving and volunteer

As a company we regulary conducts additional safety precautionary measures, Do’s & DONT’s while working at the clients location by the Senior engineers to their next level of engineers as a initiative for health and safety hazzards.

As a Go-Green Initiative we have involved to plant saplings inside our community and near by our locations and provide our hand for the society to resuce the toxic levels in the atmosphere. We have also implemented Solar Panel units on our campus as a part to utilize “Renewable Energy Resource” and have implemented it for our entire campus to reduce the daily energy consumption from the “Non Renewable sources”.

We always make a positive contribution to development of the community and engaged in social activities as below :

Promoting education
Make available safe drinking water
Hold an annual tree-planting event.
Possible switch from incandescent light bulbs to energy-saving LED bulbsat our campus locations.